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This is a panoramic image in approximately a 3.4:1 aspect ratio. What you see here is exactly you will receive in your archival print.

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phone: 913-205-7143.

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Order your official print today!

Snakes In The City + 1 Fairy

June 1, 2018

Greg Emlet  was not happy with his snake Atticus (as in Atticus Finch, “To Kill a Mockingbird”), so it (a Demeril’s boa) was not present this day at Loose Park. Greg left him at home to sulk. “He’s shedding” Greg explained. And when that happens Atticus apparently gets a bit cantankerous. But Greg did have…

Fire and how we got that way

April 13, 2018

When DID humans discover how to make fire? Best guesses are between 700,000 and 120,000 years ago. Most likely, naturally occurring blazes ignited by lighting strikes first got the attention of our ancestors. I mean, like, who could NOT notice a huge savanna aflame, columns of smoke rising hundreds of feet in the air? Animals fled…

Captain Kirk and Useless

March 31, 2018

  Hard to imagine that William Shatner, aka, James T. Kirk, Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise, turned 87 this month. Last October, when he was “only” 86, it was apparent he had not lost any of his commander of the bridge attitude, take charge persona and Shatner swagger. The house was packed that autumn…

Susan Pfannmuller


I started my adult journey as an elementary school school teacher. My long and illustrious career as an educator lasted 3 months! Bless all the great teachers out there, I was not one of them!

I took a Photo One class at Kansas State as a post graduate and have spent the last 40+ years (yikes), as a staff photojournalist and a freelancer. I’ve been behind the lens, since then, trying to make sense of the world, and find my place in it.

A big thank you to my good friend Roy Inman for lending me space on his website as I try to figure out the commerce component of photography. Take a look at his amazing images. (*AND LOOK AT SUSAN’S TOO! She is WAAA too modest-Roy*)

The picture above is not me, just a little girl who I think looks like me, that I shot a long time ago. And yes, I have learned, for the most part, not to put my hand in front of the lens!